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Daily Schedule

8:20                Arrival & Prizes Distributed        
8:30-9:00        Jog, Stretch, Pliometrics
9:00-9:30        Arm Exercises & Throwing           
9:30-11:00      Station Drills & Instruction                             
11:00-11:30    Lunch & Guest Speaker
11:30-1:00      Controlled Scrimmage or                              
                      Batting Practice/Instruction
1:00-1:20        Baseball Test
                       - Game Situations Quiz
                       - Trivia Competition for Prizes
1:30                Dismissal & Pick Up (Sussex Rd.)
Last Camp Day = Baseball Olympics Competition

Note: Players (ages 13-15) will have alternate schedule based on high school drills/practices and opportunity for Prospect Video to be created/posted on our site. Click here to view sample video 


  • Medical Issues/Allergies Reviewed
  • Be On Time
  • No Bad Language
  • No Peanut Butter
  • No Loose Bats
  • Care For Team/Individual Equipment
  • No Trash Talk
  • Always Hustle
  • Use water bottle, no mouths on coolers
  • Have FUN!


  • Safety rules will be reviewed weekly & guidelines are handed out.
  • Campers must follow the precautions to to avoid injuring themselves or others

All foods/beverages served are KOSHER
At 10:10am, campers break for popsicles. These are organic, kosher ice pops that refresh all players before going back to the baseball action. During break time (11:00am - 11:20am), campers are provided with refreshments from a Powerade cooler. Most campers bring a light snack or a small sandwich to eat before the afternoon ball game. Prizes distributed in the morning also have kosher alternatives for campers to select from.

On rainy or overly hot days, camp will be held indoors for drills, games, movies, trivia, and rules Q&A sessions. As a result, campers should bring sneakers and cleats daily.

In our continual effort to improve player performance, Rising Star Baseball Camp utilizes state of the art technology to analyze and assess player mechanics.
Click below to view and listen to a sample of hitting analysis for one of our 12 year old campers.

Roy Krasik; Senior Vice President Major League Baseball
Jeff Malm & Gerardo Olivares; (Active) Tampa Bay Rays Org.
Jeremy Slayden; (Active) Philadelphia Phillies Org.
Mike Zuckerman; Asst. Defenisve Coordinator (U. Miami Football)
Dr. Daniel Laby; Hitting Vision Trainer (Boston Red Sox)
Donovan Mitchell; New York Mets
Rockland Boulders & "Boulder Bird" Team Mascot
Matt Tauber; L.I.F.T. Strength & Conditioning Programs for Baseball
Jerome Jeffrey; Olympic Level Sprinter & Instructor
Lou Dirienzo; NRHS Head Football Coach
Kevin Austin; HS Guidance Counselor & NCAA Compliance/Clearinghouse
Steve Madey; High School/College Umpire(s); Baseball Rules Seminar
Steve Young; Director of Athletics - New Rochelle HS
David "Doc" Scholl; Scarsdale HS Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Rich Katz; Professional Baseball Umpire - Baseball Rules Seminar
Anthony Sabatello; Concordia College Head Baseball Coach